Robin Lane -  Wine Supplier Support





Do you need someone in the UK and Europe to look after your interests ?

Do you need to find an agent in these markets ?

Would it help your agent to have the support of a Brand Manager ?

Do you have any one-off projects relating to the UK and European markets ?

Are you looking for investment into your business ?

If the answer to any of these questions is " Yes " read on...

The dramatic changes in the UK and European wine trade in recent years have resulted in margins being squeezed and costs increasing due to exchange rate changes, duty increases and the overall cost increases of doing business with the major retailers and on trade customers.

Wine Supplier Support is aimed at suppliers to the UK and European markets and the service offered is one of business and marketing support in the field to maximise the sales and awareness of your brand in these very competitive markets.

If you wish to enter the UK and European Markets I specialise in finding the right agent for suppliers to suit their business and the aims they have. Using my extensive knowledge, experience and contacts I will endeavour to match the supplier with the right partner in the Market(s). Once a suitable agent has been found I am then happy to continue to work with you and the agent if you wish.

Without having to engage a full-time employee I will act as your Brand Ambassador/Export Manager in the UK and Europe. I will provide you with regular reports on sales performance, market intelligence and opportunities and give you the confidence your business is being attended to without the cost frequent visits to Europe. My activities will be developed with each producer to reflect exactly their market needs.

As I will work for a number of non-competing suppliers the supplier will only have to invest in part of my time and the arrangement does not tie them to long-term employment contracts and is totally flexible.