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Services offered

While each project will be tailored to the client the services which are offered include:

• Finding a suitable agent where you wish to enter the market

• Creating business plans which are realistic for your brands within the specific markets

• Monitoring and evaluating your agent against the business plan. Assessing and selecting new distributors

• Working alongside sales teams, marketing departments and PR agencies to ensure objectives are being met

• Preparing plans and selecting suitable agencies for launches, events and media activities

• Evaluating product ranges and opportunities

• Visit the larger clients with the agent to give you a "first hand" account of such meetings from time to time

• Meet smaller customers to generate extra sales through the agent

• Attend tastings, trade fairs etc on your behalf

• Provide regular reports on the progress of your business and prospects in the market

• Advise on the best way to change distribution channels to maximise sales

grpaes• Specific one-off projects undertaken include:

– Finding suitable investor/s if you wish to expand or sell your business
– Employee search
– Specific market research (for launch of new products
for example)
– Any project which is relevant to my experience
and where I feel I can help will be considered.